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Packing Tips

Concern for the safe transport of your product is very important. To ensure that your product arrives to our facility safely there are a few simple steps that need to be taken.

If you were going to only use the original carton for your product, please be aware that it may not be a sufficient shipping box. For example, the carton on most car products will not hold up to the rigors of transport thus allowing for possible shipping damage.

This carton should be packed in another box, preferable new. Please choose an outer box that can handle the weight of your product. A 200# test box, see bottom of the box, can handle up to 40lbs of product.

If you do not have an original carton to protect your product please pack the unit with at least 2 inches of packing/cushioning all the way around. We suggest using bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper and packing peanuts to secure the unit from shifting in box.

When shipping more than one item in the box make sure there is sufficient cushioning between each piece. If using the unit's original carton, it can be shipped along side the other pieces. But when a unit doesn't have it's box it should be wrapped in bubble wrap.

If your original carton is a shipping box, i.e. some home stereo or amateur radio equipment, make sure that the unit is secure in the box and doesn't roll around or shift. Non standard shipping containers and packing materials will not be returned.

We recommend UPS as your carrier. We have found UPS to be a fast, safe, and economical carrier for all your shipping needs. We do reserve the right to refuse any improperly packed or damaged box so that you can process any damage settlement with the carrier.