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Your product was repaired and was subjected to extensive testing and quality assurance prior to shipment. We pack according to the shipping carrier's requirements and purchase appropriate declared value coverage.

Should the unit not function properly for any reason, take the following action prior to returning the product to us for a re-work. For your protection:

  1. Retain the original box and ALL packing material.
  2. Notify the carrier (1-800-PICKUPS) of the situation and request a damage inspection.
  3. Request that the carrier return the product to us after inspection.

Remember, CD players and other electronic equipment can be very delicate. Internal damage caused by a strong impact happens without any visible external damage to the box and is a very probable cause of an inoperable product that has just been repaired. Help us protect you against additional repair and/or replacement costs. Make sure you get a damage inspection prior to returning this product to us for re-repair.

CD players with transport locks are shipped in the locked position. Please unlock before attempting to use. CD shuttles are returned with the positional switch or spring set in the horizontal position. If your unit is mounted vertically you must adjust the switch (if your unit is manufactured with one) before re-installing.

If you have further questions, please contact our Shipping Manager.