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Parts Purchases

Service Parts available for purchase from AVSL are listed below. Some parts were popular and high use items but are long out of manufacturer stock. We may be able to offer a quote on parts not listed if you supply the manufacturer and part number. Parts are also available from selected manufacturers and parts distributors. AVSL Parts sales are final and are priced accordingly. There are no returns for any reason. There is an additional charge of $7.37 for UPS shipping. You may purchase by: (1) submitting your credit card through our secure server (2) faxing our credit card authorization form to (757) 340-6809 Attn: Internet Sales; or (3) mailing a Money Order, Attn: Internet Sales. We do not accept Parts Sales/Inquiries over the telephone.

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Part NumberNomenclatureQuantity AvailablePrice
01A10201W02 Riv Lvr Pause12.25 Purchase
01A11575W01 Gear17.84 Purchase
01A21853W01 Riv Lvr RVS41.86 Purchase
01A30464W01 Ply Clutch18.61 Purchase
01A45062W01 Gear25.85 Purchase
01A63489F01 Eject Arm11.85 Purchase
01A80748W01 Clutch Lever15.85 Purchase
01A82275F03 Assy Plate74.45 Purchase
01E08567S01 Inner Molex19.45 Purchase
01T25803W09 QRB Socket136.56 Purchase
01T80451F01 Assy Keep SOL112.45 Purchase
01V24200W29 P/C Mod Kit35.00 Purchase
01V81200F56 Magnet Upgrade44.00 Purchase
01V91500F72 Eject Assy117.80 Purchase
03A38038W01 Screws157.02 Purchase
03S56479F07 Screw81.67 Purchase
07A31720W01 Stop Shaft16.89 Purchase
07A90993F01 Bracket, Pick22.68 Purchase
07C63151F02 Hold, Case44.45 Purchase
08S65128F72 Cap11.83 Purchase
09T55071W11 Connector18.46 Purchase
13C50277W02 7521 Nosepiece245.85 Purchase
13C50277W04 7517 Nosepiece144.13 Purchase
13D50308W06 7513 Nosepiece142.52 Purchase
13D70279W04 7532 Nosepiece148.15 Purchase
13D70279W04 Nose Plate148.15 Purchase
13T00696K01 TDM7546 Nosepiece142.00 Purchase
13T65309W02 7817 Nosepiece150.45 Purchase
18E03810S01 Var Resistor13.95 Purchase
18E08570S01 Gain Control122.55 Purchase
18T16194W05 Volume Control436.10 Purchase
33E09450S01 Face Plate112.89 Purchase
36A45474F07 Eject Knob13.38 Purchase
36A94115F01 Knob, Fade15.25 Purchase
36B80547W01 Knob17.85 Purchase
36B94116F01 Knob33.22 Purchase
36B94116F02 Knob33.33 Purchase
36E09445S01 Eject Knob110.94 Purchase
40T45918F01 Switch14.60 Purchase
40T57901F01 Switch16.93 Purchase
41A50682W01 Spring Nut14.35 Purchase
41A63284F01 Spring11.00 Purchase
43A11271W01 Bearing12.54 Purchase
43A12719W01 Roller51.48 Purchase
44A10134W01 Gear, Sun52.45 Purchase
44A10137W01 Gear32.34 Purchase
44A10142W01 Gear71.42 Purchase
44A10145W01 Eject Gear52.00 Purchase
44A10379W01 Gear52.34 Purchase
44A11062W01 Gear90.95 Purchase
44A11063W01 Gear40.50 Purchase
44A11064W01 Gear22.34 Purchase
44A51603F01 Gear51.85 Purchase
44A63197F02 RF, Idle12.35 Purchase
44A90830F01 Ram, Cam37.74 Purchase
44B10135W01 Gear40.75 Purchase
44B11479W01 Gear14.56 Purchase
44B63188F01 Eject Gear12.95 Purchase
44E20659S01 Gear14.25 Purchase
45B70628W01 End Lever21.85 Purchase
45B70922W01 Lever13.45 Purchase
51T16104W01 IC246.85 Purchase
91T70350F01 Filter12.89 Purchase
CO5111 RCA Jack19.65 Purchase