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Parts Purchases

Service Parts available for purchase from AVSL are listed below. Some parts were popular and high use items but are long out of manufacturer stock. We may be able to offer a quote on parts not listed if you supply the manufacturer and part number. Parts are also available from selected manufacturers and parts distributors. AVSL Parts sales are final and are priced accordingly. There are no returns for any reason. There is an additional charge of $7.37 for UPS shipping. You may purchase by: (1) submitting your credit card through our secure server (2) faxing our credit card authorization form to (757) 340-6809 Attn: Internet Sales; or (3) mailing a Money Order, Attn: Internet Sales. We do not accept Parts Sales/Inquiries over the telephone.

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Part NumberNomenclatureQuantity AvailablePrice
XB945001 Power Transformer149.62 Purchase
BB070120 Transistor Pusher10.00 Purchase
CB079500 Switch Apron11.00 Purchase
CB079520 Hope Cap11.70 Purchase
CB091790 Rubber Button10.50 Purchase
CB609500 Acryl Fibrous41.00 Purchase
CB611921 Rubber Cushion10.00 Purchase
CB616730 Slide Knob GE4010.50 Purchase
CB620730 Leg12.00 Purchase
CB638520 Trim Plate YCR55019.00 Purchase
CB641120 Slide Knob11.00 Purchase
CB642400 Stabiraizer32.00 Purchase
CX020020 Dial Thread15.50 Purchase
CX612740 Sensor Lever, Metal14.89 Purchase
EZ001310 Cup Tight Screw41.65 Purchase
FZ006760 Elect. Cap. YPA60018.24 Purchase
HS31074 Volume Control112.34 Purchase
HS411330 VR Bass/Treble Control10.00 Purchase
HT370470 Pre Set Pot40.00 Purchase
HW29433 Fuse71.00 Purchase
HW994220 Fuse71.50 Purchase
HW994560 Fuse41.50 Purchase
IF004910 FM diode23.00 Purchase
IG041500 (LC7207) IC128.60 Purchase
IG085300 IC LC6502C-604118.50 Purchase
IH000880 Bridge Diode S1WB14.35 Purchase
IK0000410 Opto Isolator TLP531BL19.60 Purchase
IT351110 (YM3511) IC562.50 Purchase
IT400600 (YM4006) A/D IC132.50 Purchase
IX601830 IC HA3001128.50 Purchase
IX605620 IC10.00 Purchase
KA801740 Push Switch16.89 Purchase
KA902930 Tact Switch11.20 Purchase
MZ089760 DM-2 Board In Kit31.00 Purchase
MZ092940 DM-5 Board Kit11.00 Purchase
MZ092940 DM-5 Board In Kit77.00 Purchase
NB629970 Turn Table Unit72.00 Purchase
NB629981 SL Outsert 225.00 Purchase
PB064780 Pick Up Head (CD-X2)192.50 Purchase
PB065480 Pick Up Head135.00 Purchase
QUOU5800 Quartz Crystal28.64 Purchase
VA788400 Potentiometer2100.00 Purchase
VB860200 Pontentiometer11.20 Purchase
VB860200 Pre-Set Potentiometer11.00 Purchase
VF386500 DM-X5 Connector11.00 Purchase
VF386600 DM-X5L connector31.00 Purchase
VF386700 DM-3 Connector Assy21.00 Purchase
VH249300 Washer101.99 Purchase
VJ888100 Stopper DSPA100026.95 Purchase
VR859200 RAD/Sheet17.25 Purchase
XA481001 (YM3811) IC244.36 Purchase
XA676001 IC UPD1714G-527-12110.00 Purchase
XX622340 VR Tone Control110.00 Purchase
XX623510 Castan Motor10.00 Purchase
XX623620 Pinch Roller Assy20.00 Purchase
XX623810 Photo Sensor10.00 Purchase
XX624430 P Solenoid15.00 Purchase
XX629990 Woofer PC8155.00 Purchase
XX646540 Volume Control110.00 Purchase
XX646550 VR Control110.00 Purchase
XX647730 Reel Guide10.50 Purchase
XX647990 Switch YCR150111.69 Purchase
XX648450 Reinforcement50.50 Purchase
XX659560 Motor Assy135.00 Purchase
XX666090 Hinge215.00 Purchase
YM1647582 CR Slider12.00 Purchase