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Parts Purchases

Service Parts available for purchase from AVSL are listed below. Some parts were popular and high use items but are long out of manufacturer stock. We may be able to offer a quote on parts not listed if you supply the manufacturer and part number. Parts are also available from selected manufacturers and parts distributors. AVSL Parts sales are final and are priced accordingly. There are no returns for any reason. There is an additional charge of $7.37 for UPS shipping. You may purchase by: (1) submitting your credit card through our secure server (2) faxing our credit card authorization form to (757) 340-6809 Attn: Internet Sales; or (3) mailing a Money Order, Attn: Internet Sales. We do not accept Parts Sales/Inquiries over the telephone.

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Part NumberNomenclatureQuantity AvailablePrice
1-130-493-51 Flim cap21.00 Purchase
1-131-413-00 Capacitor22.00 Purchase
1-464-378-11 Converter Unit285.00 Purchase
1-464-378-11 DC to DC Convertor285.00 Purchase
1-473-682-11 Converter Unit185.50 Purchase
1-473-682-11 DC Converter Unit185.50 Purchase
1-567-925-11 Crystal Vibrator116.85 Purchase
1-567-925-11 Vibrator, Crystal116.00 Purchase
1-767-833-21 Ceramic Vibrator16.29 Purchase
1-767-833-21 Vibrator, Ceramic16.29 Purchase
1-779-077-11 Connector Plug125.85 Purchase
1-779-077-11 Plug Connector125.85 Purchase
2-643-405-01 Gear12.95 Purchase
2-643-405-01 Gear22.95 Purchase
3-010-096-21 Upper Case230.84 Purchase
3-031-022-01 Panel, Sub15.00 Purchase
3-031-022-01 Sub Panel15.65 Purchase
3-319-607-01 Bushing reel11.10 Purchase
3-319-607-01 Reel Table Bushing11.10 Purchase
3-329-547-01 Idle Roller11.25 Purchase
3-329-547-01 Roller, Idle11.25 Purchase
3-377-892-01 Spring11.45 Purchase
3-388-574-11 Button19.98 Purchase
3-388-574-11 Button, (c)19.98 Purchase
3-669-595-00 Washer101.64 Purchase
3-679-151-00 Spring10.50 Purchase
3-684-109-01 Gear, 9A, 0, Limiter22.86 Purchase
3-684-111-01 Gear22.86 Purchase
3-684-163-01 Gear12.86 Purchase
3-733-395-01 Cam Gear, Worm23.52 Purchase
3-918-062-01 Clamper13.89 Purchase
3-918-062-01 Table Disc13.89 Purchase
3-922-505-01 Button, Eject18.50 Purchase
3-922-505-01 Eject Button18.50 Purchase
3-924-404-01 Cassette Door116.50 Purchase
3-924-404-01 Cassette Door116.85 Purchase
4-221-892-01 Gear, TR Lock13.25 Purchase
4-221-892-01 TR Lock Gear13.25 Purchase
4-922-858-01 Brn Damper24.48 Purchase
4-922-858-01 Damper24.48 Purchase
4-922-858-11 Blu Damper25.85 Purchase
4-922-858-11 Damper25.85 Purchase
4-992-171-01 Gear13.25 Purchase
4-992-171-01 Pulley, Gear13.25 Purchase
4-992-172-01 Gear (A) Relay12.25 Purchase
4-992-172-01 Gear A Relay12.25 Purchase
4-992-173-01 Gear (B) relay12.25 Purchase
4-992-173-01 Gear B Relay12.25 Purchase
4-992-174-01 Change Gear12.25 Purchase
4-992-174-01 Gear, Change12.25 Purchase
4-992-176-01 Change Gear Spring11.85 Purchase
4-992-176-01 Spring, Change Gear11.85 Purchase
7-682-553-09 Screw10.85 Purchase
8-752-901-42 IC159.64 Purchase
8-752-901-42 IC159.82 Purchase
8-759-446-47 IC172.85 Purchase
8-759-660-87 IC cxd9569r138.00 Purchase
8-848-055-01 Pick up1110.00 Purchase
8-848-441-11 Device, Optical KSS315195.25 Purchase
9-905-329-01 Disp PCB155.50 Purchase
9-905-329-01 Mounted C Brd Assy155.50 Purchase
A-3277-802-C Chassis (M) Complete235.75 Purchase
A-3328-816-A Base Assembly151.54 Purchase
A-3328-816-A Base Assy151.54 Purchase
A-6751-212-C Gear Assy110.25 Purchase
A-6759-480-A Photo Sensor Kit112.50 Purchase
X-2641-342-1 Disc Motor133.42 Purchase
X-2641-342-1 Motor Assy133.42 Purchase
X-3370-355-1 Magazine (Set) Assy259.95 Purchase
X-3378-023-1Pickup Assembly165.94 Purchase
X-3668-707-0 Band Assy, Tension Regulator26.73 Purchase
X-3684-123-1 Gear13.89 Purchase
X-3684-333-1 Door120.38 Purchase
X-4910-439-1 Wobbling Assy, Mounted C Brd17.00 Purchase
X-4913-224-1 Panel Assy, Control115.00 Purchase
X-4918-582-1 Plate Assembly24.11 Purchase
X-4918-582-1 Plate Assy24.11 Purchase
X-4951-194-1 Front Panel125.00 Purchase