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Parts Purchases

Service Parts available for purchase from AVSL are listed below. Some parts were popular and high use items but are long out of manufacturer stock. We may be able to offer a quote on parts not listed if you supply the manufacturer and part number. Parts are also available from selected manufacturers and parts distributors. AVSL Parts sales are final and are priced accordingly. There are no returns for any reason. There is an additional charge of $7.37 for UPS shipping. You may purchase by: (1) submitting your credit card through our secure server (2) faxing our credit card authorization form to (757) 340-6809 Attn: Internet Sales; or (3) mailing a Money Order, Attn: Internet Sales. We do not accept Parts Sales/Inquiries over the telephone.

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Part NumberNomenclatureQuantity AvailablePrice
A02-3866-13 Front Panel (KRC-8000)160.00 Purchase
A20-4739-03 Front Panel120.00 Purchase
A29-0393-12 Panel14.89 Purchase
A52-0115-03 Front Panel14.29 Purchase
A52-0692-02 Top Cover14.36 Purchase
A52-0692-02 Top Cover17.88 Purchase
A53-1463-12 Cassette Holder110.25 Purchase
A70-1580-08 Remote Control482.33 Purchase
B03-1464-04 Trim Panel16.50 Purchase
B07-2094-12 Trim Plate110.00 Purchase
B10-1089-04 Front Glass13.45 Purchase
B11-0870-04 Optical Di10.97 Purchase
B30-0740-05 LED Assy14.85 Purchase
B38-0512-05 LCD121.75 Purchase
C31915520 Tone Arm Assy180.87 Purchase
D03-0023-08 Reel Idler112.89 Purchase
D10-2496-03 Slider Left18.37 Purchase
D10-2497-13 Slider Right18.95 Purchase
D10-3538-08 Slider112.75 Purchase
D91-0081-04 Can/Weight11.85 Purchase
E30-4886-05 Power Harness120.00 Purchase
E40-3117-05 Connector11.85 Purchase
F09-1207-04 Sheet10.56 Purchase
FIP7BM13 LCD132.98 Purchase
G01-3768-08 Spring22.25 Purchase
J42-0083-05 Power Cord Bushing10.98 Purchase
K99-0094-02 Tray, Disc56.48 Purchase
N19-1127-08 Ring10.32 Purchase
N19-1441-08 Washer31.23 Purchase
N39-1740-46 Screw20.25 Purchase
R19-4305-05 Pot18.20 Purchase
S42-4028-05 Switch114.50 Purchase
S46-1046-05 Leaf Switch12.95 Purchase
S46-1068-05 Leaf Switch13.10 Purchase
S46-1075-05 Leaf Switch13.55 Purchase
S59-1047-08 Reed Switch14.20 Purchase
S76-0056-05 Relay19.40 Purchase
T95-0103-08 Optic Switch49.98 Purchase
W01-9B41-05 Headphones120.10 Purchase
W02-0693-05 Tuner152.48 Purchase
W02-0708-05 FM Tuner132.43 Purchase
W02-1046-05 Sensor, REM110.82 Purchase
W02-2925-08 Tuner466.39 Purchase
WX1E7507-00 Wire Harness28.29 Purchase