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For Locals Only

We are open to service your repair needs Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm. We are closed on most major holidays including the day after Thanksgiving. Our business is located in Lynnhaven Crossing Shopping Center, on the ring road around Lynnhaven Mall. We face the new Dillard's Department Store. Drive down Lynnhaven Parkway until you reach the mall. Watch for the Wendy's & Red Lobster, on the same side of the road as the mall. Turn between those two businesses. That turn takes you directly into the parking lot of our shopping center.

We are located in the west end of the shopping center, near the Flipper McCoy's / Zero's building. You may also enter our shopping center from South Lynnhaven Road by turning into the Zero's entrance.


When you bring your unit in for repair we will quote you a labor rate and an estimate of the parts charge. You will be asked to approve this estimate before leaving the unit for repair. If the technician finds the repair cost will exceed the above estimate by more than 20%, we will call you with a revised estimate. If you choose to decline the revised estimate, you only owe the $35 minimum diagnostic fee ($40 for television.) This procedure allows the repair process to be performed quicker and more efficiently. The technician can complete the repair and reassemble the product, rather than putting the unit to the side while we notify you of the problem, then recreating his diagnosis after working on other units. Please be assured that most repair charges actually fall under the estimate that we give you at the counter. Your continued satisfaction as a member of our long term customer base is our goal.


Bring your unit and purchase receipt to our business. We will photocopy the purchase receipt and submit it for approval by the manufacturer. There will be no charge to you unless the repair is denied by the manufacturer. Warranty guidelines are different for each manufacturer. Possible causes for warranty denial include: liquid damage, physical damage, exceeding the limits of the unit/customer abuse, no problem found, purchase from unauthorized dealer, etc. Some product lines carry a warranty extending different time periods for parts & labor. In the event your unit is out of labor warranty but still within parts warranty, you will be asked to approve an estimate for labor before leaving the unit for repair.


Customers who have a television or microwave product that provides In-Home Service Warranty should call (757) 340-7143 to schedule a service call.  You should have a photocopy of your purchase receipt available for the technician when he arrives at your home.  There must be an adult, aged 18 or older, in the house during the repair process.  If your television is mounted on the wall or in a customer installation, the product must be removed from the wall/cabinet before our arrival so the technician has easy access for repair.


If your unit has suffered lightning or physical damage you will be asked to leave a $35 non- refundable deposit. The deposit will be credited against your repair bill if we find the unit to be repairable. Should we deem the unit unrepairable, the deposit will cover our time and any parts installed. All written estimates for Insurance Companies & Moving / Transit Companies (including Navy Moving estimates) require a $35 non-refundable deposit. We will complete the necessary paperwork, which you may pick up when the evaluation is completed. We are also happy to fax the paperwork to your insurance company.


We will notify you when repairs to your unit are completed. Please leave a contact telephone number which is not subject to Anonymous Call Block. Your e-mail address is a welcome alternative. We close promptly at 5:30pm. At that time we begin a computer back-up process which does not allow us to access customer records. So please do not ask us to reopen if you arrive when the "Closed" sign has been posted. Please be prepared to pay with Cash or Credit Card. We do not accept Personal Checks. We ask that you pick up your unit promptly. We are a large regional center, therefore storage space is at a premium. We do not keep unrepaired units in lieu of the diagnostic fee.


  1. We are not able to quote accurate estimates over the telephone, without seeing your unit.
  2. Your car stereo must be removed from your car before bringing in for repair.
  3. Unless you suspect they are part of the problem, do not bring in your home stereo speakers or car stereo accessories, including cage, harness, trim.
  4. We offer speaker re-coning / re-foaming. If you are technically competent you may remove the speaker from your cabinet and bring in the individual component for repair.
  5. Parts available for purchase from AVSL are listed in the Parts Purchases section. That section also includes contact information on Mail Order Parts Distributors and Manufacturers. Parts purchase inquiries should be handled by e-mail, not by telephone or walk-in.
  6. Units are repaired in the order they are received. Therefore it is normally not possible to wait while your unit is repaired.
  7. Estimates and information regarding the repair are released to the person whose name is on the repair ticket. We are not able to accommodate third party involvement. Should you wish a third party to pick up your unit following repair, please notify us so we may note the information on your repair ticket. They must have your claim ticket for pickup.