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Repair Process


Please record the serial number of each unit shipped to us for repair. If you call for a status check, that number will be required. Other ways we can locate units in our data base include your customer's name, your customer's telephone number, or your repair ticket number. Please do not ask us to check for a product with only your Dealer Name & Brand / Model Number.

Our database is not organized in this manner. We will not be able to locate product with this information. We can provide you, via fax, a listing of all your repairs waiting completion and not yet returned to you. We are not able to respond to periodic status checks on your unit by e-mail. Status checks can be made by calling the following number:

Audio Video Service Labs: 757-340-7143
Kenwood Service Center, East: 757-340-1702


As a regional repair facility, we stock common failure parts. Therefore most units that don't require estimates can be repaired on the day the repair process begins. If your unit requires a non-stocking part which must be ordered, the processing time can be extended from one day to several weeks, depending on the manufacturer involved. We do not notify you when we order parts. In rare instances, the manufacturer may be out of stock on a certain part. This is called a "back-ordered part" situation. The manufacturer must then obtain stock from their supplier, before shipping to us. If we are informed of such a situation by the manufacturer, we will send you a post card notifying you of the same. If the manufacturer has given us an estimated time of arrival (ETA), we will also inform you of that date. Please be advised that we regret any inconvenience you experience due to back ordered parts, but we can do absolutely nothing to speed up the process.


If you ask for an estimate and then decline the repair, the unit is returned to you for the minimum diagnostic fee and return shipping/handling. We do not keep your units in lieu of the diagnostic fee. If you wish us to dispose of your unrepaired units, we will do so with your faxed permission and payment of the diagnostic fee. There is no minimum diagnostic fee and return shipping/ handling for Business Band 2-Way Radio repairs.


If you send in a Car Stereo product without asking for an estimate, we will repair and return the unit if it falls under our Repair Limit for that product class, and call you with an estimate if it exceeds the limit. In the event that you decline the estimate, there is no diagnostic fee. You are only responsible for return shipping/handling. Repair Limits are listed below:

Car Stereo Cassette / EQ: $75
Car Stereo Other: $95

This option does not apply to Home Audio/Video & Amateur Radio units.


If you provide a contact e-mail address for your business, our UPS computer will send you the tracking number on the evening product ships. That e-mail address may be faxed or e-mailed to our Customer Service Department for inclusion in our UPS database. You may then track your packages progress via the UPS website. UPS will make 3 attempts to deliver the product. After that time the product is returned to us. All refused / returned shipments will include an additional shipping charge. Refused / returned COD shipments will require advance payment before return. Please note that a refused COD may not be rebilled to an Open Account.


In rare instances there are items which, once manufacturer's warranty has expired, you can spend more money to repair than replace. Some examples of these are the less expensive handheld CD, handheld cassette, and family radio's. Those units are returned to you for the minimum diagnostic fee and return shipping/handling. We do not call you before returning the product. We do not keep the unit in lieu of the diagnostic fee.


Liquid damage is progressive and not reversible. Reliable repairs cannot be made when liquid damage is involved. Physical damage, sometimes undetectable on the outside case, can render internal circuit boards unrepairable. Liquid and physically damaged units that are not repairable are returned to you for the minimum diagnostic fee and return shipping/handling. We do not call you before returning the product. We do not keep the unit in lieu of the diagnostic fee. Should you require a digital picture of the liquid / physical damage to a unit, please e-mail our Customer Service Department. We will provide a digital picture by return e-mail.