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Important Repair Information

Our policy is to provide quality repairs on a timely basis. In order to promptly respond to your repair needs, we would like to remind all of our customers of a few basic practices which will speed up turn around time on your repairs.

  1. In order to provide warranty service, most manufacturers require a photocopy of your customerís purchase receipt. If your receipts donít include customer name and/or address, please write that information clearly on the receipt.
  2.  Please be sure to include an accurate & descriptive complaint.
  3. To facilitate any inquiries concerning repair status, always record the serial number of each unit sent. When calling concerning the unit always have the serial number as a ready reference for our customer service representatives. This will allow us to respond promptly and accurately to your questions.
  4. We will automatically fax or e-mail a repair estimate on any car CD player/Amp for which the repair bill would exceed $95 (excluding shipping/handling). Car Cassette/EQ will be estimated if the repair would exceed $75 (excluding shipping/handling). Car Video products will be estimated if the repair would exceed $115 (excluding shipping/handling). If you decline the repair you only pay return shipping/handling. There is no estimate charge. If you wish to avoid all charges for declined estimates you may instruct us to dispose of the product. If we determine that a Non-Warranty product is not repairable we will notify you by fax to determine if you wish the product to be discarded.
  5. Please do not send any accessories for the units being forwarded for repair (i.e. cartridges, knobs, face plates, mounting brackets, etc.) If we need additional accessories we will contact you.
  6. Do not discard the box and packing material for units shipped to you until you have determined that the units function correctly. Should a UPS inspection be required, those materials will be necessary. Products are thoroughly tested before they leave this location therefore if a product does not work out of the box, there is the possibility of damage in transit. Hidden damage can occur even if there is no outside damage to the box. Impact damage from conveyor belt drops is the greatest culprit in shipping damage to CD players. There will be no damage to the box with this type of drop.
  7. We will discuss a repair only with the person/business who shipped the product to us. This policy is strictly for your protection and will be adhered to without exception. We will not release any information to, or accept payment from your customer. If you do not want to be involved in the repair process, you may instruct your customer to ship the product directly to us. Call for business cards to facilitate this procedure.