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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an RA to return a warranty product?
No. Just follow the Shipping Instructions.
My customer purchased a used car and doesn't know the code for the radio.
We are able to decode car stereos if you furnish proof of ownership. The cost is $50 plus return shipping.
Do I have to pay for shipping a warranty product to you?
Yes. The manufacturer pays for return shipping to you, but requires you to pay the cost of shipping product to the repair center.
Can you deal directly with my customer?
If you shipped the product to us, you are considered our customer. All our discussions are with you. This policy is for your protection, since many dealers add a profit margin to their repairs. With your written permission we will ship a warranty product directly to your customer. Non warranty products must be returned directly to you.
My customer brought in the unit while it was still under warranty but by the time it got shipped to you the warranty had expired. Will that be covered?
The answer to that question depends upon the manufacturer involved. We are usually able to get prompt warranty extension authorizations from Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, & Clarion. You, or your customer, should contact any of the other manufacturers for a warranty extension prior to shipment. You may ship the product and request that the manufacturer fax the extension directly to us at 757-340-6809. If you choose the fax option please notify us in the paperwork with your unit that the manufacturer is issuing a warranty extension.
What is your turnaround time?
Turnaround time varies from day to day. We are a large regional center and receive product shipments each day via UPS from our almost 4,000 business customers, some from as far away as California. Our technicians specialize in particular product lines. Therefore repair of your unit depends on the degree of difficulty of the units received prior to yours. Approved estimates and part orders are completed prior to a technician being assigned new work. We are happy to let you know a technician's present in-date for new work, but we are unable to successfully convert this to an accurate waiting period.
Do I have to send/bring cables, speakers, remote, plugs, etc?
We need the Remote Control. Only send other accessories if you think they might be part of the problem. In the unlikely event an additional accessory is needed, we will contact you.
Can I talk to a technician?
Our technicians only repair product. We have so many requests to speak to technicians that accommodation would prohibit us from repairing units in a timely manner. Technical support is provided by most manufacturers. Their telephone numbers and Web Pages are available in our Warranty Manufacturers section.
Can you work on a radio that came as original equipment in an automobile?
No, that unit must be taken to an automobile dealer. Automobile manufacturers will not allow us to be provided parts and literature for OEM products. This is also applicable to units made for the automobile manufacturer by any of our Warranty Manufacturers.